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Manage the Symptoms, Uncover the Hope.

We take AD/HD seriously. This is our specialty. We have been involved in the treatment of those affected by AD/HD for more than a decade, and we address the toll it takes on school, home, work, friends and family.  We know that the person with AD/HD who goes untreated suffers the most.
We work with children as young as 8 years old as well as teens & adults. We evaluate, treat and give referrals as needed. Our evaluations have been streamlined and specifically focus on AD/HD. We do not conduct unnecessary psychological testing. This is one way we keep our evaluation process affordable. If more psychological testing or medication is in order, we can connect our clients with experienced and qualified professionals.
Our approach is designed to treat the symptoms of AD/HD as well as the emotional impact the symptoms have on our clients. We believe strongly in the benefit of highlighting our client’s strengths, and we work hard to foster their growth. 

We also believe in staying in contact with our client’s support system, educators and employers when appropriate, thus encouraging collaboration and understanding.

We recognize that AD/HD is not something that is “out grown.” We know that a child with AD/HD will become an adult with AD/HD. We educate clients and their families on the realities of coping with and managing their symptoms.

We are proud to offer our services in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, crucial to our client’s success.  A client can come to our offices and feel relaxed. 

Come see us - we'll help you manage the symptoms and uncover the hope.