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Begins October 16, 2012

7-8:30p.m. at our Chicago Office Location                                            Fee:  $25 per session

Insight on A.D.D. begins a new group for women who have (or think may they have) AD/HD, who want to expand their social circles, and who want to work at creating better connections and friendships. 

Maintaining friendships and a balanced social life can be difficult, especially so for women with AD/HD.  It helps to know there are others who struggle with some of the same AD/HD issues that you do, and who just "get you" in a way that others don't.

This is not a therapy group.  Members will be asked to share their experiences, and encouraged (but not required) to make an effort to connect with other members outside of group time.  How, when, and where will be discussed and determined by group members with the help of the group facilitator.

Women Ages 21 and up are welcome

Call 312-933-5510,  or e-mail lauriewalsh@insighteapinc.com for more information and/or to reserve your space.
Please bring exact change or check.  No credit cards.